GamEffect CfP

Call for Participation

General Information

Submission of contributions is open between 10th of February and 3rd of April 2020 via easyChair.

Acceptance notes will be provided by 13th of April 2020. The final, camera ready submissions will be due on May 8th.

You will need to create an easyChair account and they will provide you with a submissions-homepage and form.



The workshop is meant as a forum on how we think about game design. Topics of interest are teaching games that use innovative mechanics to reliably achieve their teaching goals.

As we would like to introduce an integrate as many perspectives on game design as possible, we want to create a space for new and innovative learning-games as well as ways to think about their design.

Our aim is to close the gap between theory and practice of game-based learning. Obviously, this can be achieved from both perspectives. We welcome contributions by researchers as well as practitioners.


Format and Organisation

Regardless of whether you are practitioner or researcher, you can submit an original and unpublished short-paper or a game or both.

Submissions must not exceed 6 pages (A4 size), incorporating the title page (title, abstract and keywords), all text, references, figures and tables. Submissions imply the willingness of at least one author to register, attend the workshop, and present the paper / game. 


Selection Criteria

The main criteria for selection are creativity, innovation and goal-orientation. Papers that include data on previously unpublished studies will be preferred. Also, games that have been tested or used more often and with a variety of participants will be preferred.



Call for Papers

The topics of papers are limited to frameworks and models about educational, game-based tools. The paper should clearly state the innovation and the problem it solves. Ideally, it provides a theoretical basis from which verifiable hypotheses can be drawn.

In other words, the paper should describe a game or game-design process that demonstrates a conceptual link between innovative game mechanics and the game purpose they achieve.

Since we provide only four presentation slots but do not want to discourage bold propositions, we are going to accept high-quality submissions for publication, even if we deem them not suitable for presentation within the workshop. To ensure the possibility of discussing all submitted research, submittors should be prepared to present a poster instead of giving a talk.



Call for Games

Please provide a paper about the learning-game you want to present at our workshop. State what field the game is about, the intended audience (age, professionalism, prior education, additional qualifiers) and group size. It is of special interest which specific teaching goals, the game achieves by utilizing specific innovative mechanics or combination of game elements.

The selection process will be based purely on the papers. Games for hands-on presentations will be selected mainly based on their fit to workshop goals and participants, as well as organizational aspects (e.g. possibility to show the game in a sensible manner within the restrictions of the workshop).

In order to be included in the final workshop proceedings, you will need to bring the game or a functioning a prototype.